Aswagandharistam IN STOCK

The most reputed Ayurvedic combination of herbs ever known as an aphrodisiac and rejuvenator. Impotency and infertility, both primary and secondary.

15 to 25 ml before meals or as directed by the Physician

Aswagandha, the widely used rejuvenative herb is the major ingredient of Aswagandharishtam, which imparts strength and vitality. This authentic Ayurvedic preparation brings out aswagandha’s potent nervine properties. Apart from rejuvenating the entire nervous system it nurtures and strengthens the body, in general. It also acts as a stimulant, aphrodisiac, diuretic and tonic, for which it is recommended as the best medicine for impotency and sterility. Being the best source of nutritive herbs like aswagandha, Musali, Vidari etc, it serves as prime medicine for general nourishment and immunity. It has also been proven effective in sluggishness, insanity, epilepsy, depression and several other psychosomatic disorders. Degenerative diseases like muscular atrophy, peripheral neuropathy, emaciation have also been incredibly dealt with apt dosage of this particular product.
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