Balaristam IN STOCK

Neurological disorders and arthritic complaints. Useful in anorexia, indigestion, general weakness, myalgia etc. Acts as an appetizer, nervine tonic and helps in overall nourishment of the body.

15 to 25 ml of balarishtam before meals or as directed by the Physician.

Balarishtam, the major ingredient being Bala, one of the most eminent herbs which effectively renders strength and nourishment in general to people of all age groups. Apart from being a general health tonic it has specific role in the treatment of complains related to arthritis and several neurological disorders like numbness, tingling sensation, tension headaches and general weakness etc. Since it acts as an appetizer, Balarishtam is also helpful in anorexia and indigestion. If taken in adequate dosage along with a favorable diet plotted by the physician, the drug mentioned above would be the best of all medicines of its kind in the realm of general nourishment.
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