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Cleans the hair, Cooling effect to the head, Removes dandruff, Stops hair lose, Gives glazing and smoothness to the hair

Take 5 grams of Vanamoolika herbal shampoo in a cup. Add about 30 ml of water and dissolve it by stirring. Set aside for 5 minutes. The shampoo is ready for use.Wet your hair and apply the shampoo on the hair. Massage gently. Wash off the hair with more water until the removes the residu from your hair. Wipe with a towel and allow to dry the hair.

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Herbal shampoo is made out of 6 herbs. This shampoo is a powder and It is 100% natural and organic herbs no chemicals. The formula of this product is derived from the ayurvedic texts. It cleans your hair and gives cooling to the head, removes dandruff. It gives glazing and smoothness to the hair and stop hair lose.
Hibiscus rosasinensis, Indigofera tinctoria, Alpinia galanga, Sida retusa, Cardiospermum helicacabum, Cyclea peltata