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Gum infection, Foul odor from mouth, Removes stains from teeth

Take a pinch of Vanamoolika tooth powder on your left hand. Wet your right point finger with little water and dip in the tooth powder. Little tooth powder will stick on your finger. With this finger massage your teeth and gum gently. Repeat this for 5to 10 minutes daily. Wash off remaining powder from your mouth and your hand thoroughly.

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Herbal tooth powder is made out of 5 herbs, sodium chloride and charcoal. The formula of this product is derived from the ayurvedic texts. Continues use of this powder prevent the gum infection foul odor from mouth and it removes the stains from teeth. It gives clean sparkling teeth.
Mangifera indica, Centella asiatica, Zysygium aromaticum, Sodium chloride, Charcoal, Azadiechta indica, Pisidium guajava