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Organic Certified Spices

The pepper is left to ripen longer on the vine & collected carefully by our group farmers. This pepper is then processed hygienically at Vanamoolika to the finest White Pepper. 

Enjoy sprinkled on to chicken or fish

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The finest organic red pepper (pepper left to ripen longer on the vine) from our group farmers all from the Western Ghats are collected separately by varieties (There are different varieties like Wayanadan, Pannioyoor, Karimunda, Jeerajamumdi, Neelamundi, Karimkotta, Kalluvally, Balankotta etc, ) & hygienically processed into powder & packed by Vanamoolika.

Karimunda, Panniyoor, wayanadan, jeerakumumdi, neelamundi, Balankotta, Sreekara, Karimkotta, Kalluvali, kurkilmundi