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It cures head ache, migraine, sinusitis, rhinitis, ear ache and mild to medium swellings.

For external application only. Traditionally it is made a paste with castor oil and applied over forehead. Mixed with boiled water or milk, made into a paste and applied on the forehead for immediate relief in headache.

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Rasnadi choornam is a widely advised Ayurvedic mixture of herbal powders for regular use to be applied on the crown of head in the dry form. It is mixed with lemon juice, water or any other suitable medium as per the prevailing condition to be applied over the affected site. The major ingredient Rasna with its analgesic properties alleviates the severity of persistent headaches, thereby preventing the recurrence. Its anti inflammatory property plays a major role in the treatment of recurrent sinusitis and allergic rhinitis. As a conventional custom, the Rasnadi choornam has been used for regular application since time unknown as a preventive measure against common cold, upper respiratory tract infections, fever, head ache etc.
Daru, Nayaka, Agaru, Thinthrini, Katuka, Ugra, Rasna, Aswagandha, Sunninayaka, Chinchalya, Gyrika, Nira, Yasti, Bala, Mustha, Vyosham, Poothi, Sahasravidhi, Jalam, Useeram, Sreekanta