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Triphaladi Thailam is an Ayurvedic Head Massage Oil. It is used to treat headaches, sinus problems and pre-mature greying of the hair. It can be applied anywhere above the neck, as it is for treatment of this entire area. Excellent for a scalp massage or Shirodhara session.

To be applied gently heated on region above the neck 1 hour before bathing.

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It is used for conditions of the head and neck, sinusitis, alopecia, for healthy hair growth & premature greying. It is external massage oil used for head massage. It is an excellent remedy for eyes related problems and helps in improving the eye vision and strengthens the muscles of the eyes. Sesame oil based.
Black Myrobalan, Tinospora Gulancha, Umbrella Tree, Red Poppy, Country Mallow, Castor Oil, Balloon Plant, False Daisy, Hatha, Costus Root, Licorice, Himalayan Cherry, Vetiver Grass Sandalwood, Purple Nut Sedge, Cardamom, Haya-gandha, Country Mallow, Tinospora, Gulancha, Indian Sarsaparilla, Cedrus Deodara, Clove, Nata, Angelica Root, Ulpaladi, Collyrium Black Henna, Milk